Drone Racing in Abu Dhabi DCL Expands

Drone Racing in Abu Dhabi: DCL Expands 
The Drone Champions League (DCL), the leading professional drone racing organization globally, is gearing up for expanded horizons in the Gulf Region after a thrilling winter season final in Abu Dhabi.
The two-day event, held from November 17-18, showcased six top DCL teams competing on a cutting-edge virtual track inspired by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre’s real-world location. The British team Xblades emerged victorious, narrowly edging out the newest league entrant, the American-based Cyclone. These two teams will face off in the DCL Super Final 2023 on December 20, with the venue set to be revealed soon.

Highlighting the league’s growth, the Abu Dhabi event marked a significant milestone as DCL secured ASPIRE as a league sponsor. ASPIRE, the technology development arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council, will collaborate with DCL on knowledge exchange and promotion through its Autonomous Racing League (A2RL).
As part of the partnership, two new events will be added to DCL’s 2024 calendar in Abu Dhabi, scheduled for April and November next year. Further details on the 2024 calendar will be disclosed after the conclusion of the 2023 season.
Markus Stampfer, Board member of Drone Champions AG, the DCL organizer, expressed, “This event in Abu Dhabi has elevated our league to new heights. The in-person gathering of pilots, combined with the excitement of racing on a brand-new virtual track, created a fantastic celebration for our league. We eagerly anticipate our Super Final next month and look forward to unveiling our plans for the 2024 season soon. We’re already anticipating our return to Abu Dhabi next year.”

Swan Versmissen, pilot of the winning Xblades team, shared, “Racing in the DCL continues to be the ultimate thrill. Being part of this supportive community and enjoying races like this one in person only strengthens our teams and the league as a whole. As a team, we’re thrilled to have triumphed over tough competition, and we anticipate another great battle next month and next season.”
Dr. Tom McCarthy, Executive Director at ASPIRE, stated, “Drone racing is rapidly capturing public imagination, with drones making significant strides across various sectors. ASPIRE, through A2RL, combines autonomous robotics, AI, and extreme sports to advance the future of mobility. We were pleased to support DCL in their drone gaming competition, drawing attention to the sport. We look forward to collaborating with them on future endeavors.”
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