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Event 38 Unmanned Systems Integrates Advanced LiDAR onto E455 Drone
Event 38 Unmanned Systems, a global leader in the manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles, has announced a significant upgrade to their Heavy VTOL E455 Drone. The drone can now be equipped with multiple LiDAR systems, including the Resepi Hesai LIDAR XT-32 developed by Inertial Labs.
The integration of the Resepi Hesai LIDAR XT-32 onto the E455 Drone is now available to all Event 38 customers. This system is known for its best-in-class data accuracy, impressive detection range, high point density, and versatility, making it a top choice for professionals in the industry. The E455 will also carry NDAA Compliant LiDAR models from Inertial Labs, such as the RESEPI Ouster OS1-64.

RESEPI (Remote Sensing Payload Instrument) is a sensor-fusion platform designed for accuracy-focused remote sensing applications. It utilizes a high-performance Inertial Labs INS (GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System) and a high-accuracy single or dual-antenna GNSS receiver, integrated with a Linux-based processing core and data-logging software.

The E455 stands out for its versatility and unique ability to carry heavier payloads. With Event 38’s LiDAR compatible systems, flight times extend beyond 2 hours, allowing for advanced operations and giving operators greater range and efficiency during each flight.

Jamie Marraccini, CEO of Inertial Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “By combining our advanced RESEPI Payload LiDAR with Event 38’s sophisticated E455 drone, we are setting a new standard for aerial surveying and mapping technology. This collaboration represents a leap forward in our mission to provide comprehensive, turnkey solutions that empower industries to achieve more.”
Jeff Taylor, CEO of Event 38 Unmanned Systems, added, “The high pulse rate and accuracy of the RESEPI Lidar systems paired with the E455 is a powerful combination giving operators the ability to collect thousands of acres of survey grade data in a single workday. It’s a new level of capability not previously available to our customers.”

Event 38 has provided sample LiDAR data sets for customers here.
The new E455 with LiDAR is now available for purchase. Event 38 Unmanned Systems designs and manufactures fixed-wing VTOL drones in Richfield, Ohio. Since 2011, they have sold over 600 drones globally. Their drones capture geo-tagged data for a range of industries and applications and can be customized for high-resolution aerial photogrammetry, thermal and multispectral imagery, LiDAR, and live video streaming.
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