Garuda Aerospace Equality Drone Training Program

Garuda Aerospace Introduces Equality Drone Training Program to Empower People with Disabilities
by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson
Garuda Aerospace, India’s lead drone manufacturer, has announced its Equality Drone Training program to strengthen diversity in the workforce. The program will enable individuals with disabilities to join the UAV workforce.

Garuda Aerospace is partnering with Bharat Drone Association and National Drone Pilot Association to create this free program individually tailored for individuals with physical disabilities. The program consists of lessons in both the operation and maintenance of drones across numerous industries including agriculture, surveillance, mapping, e-commerce, and delivery. Graduates of the program will have a comprehensive understanding of the UAV space, and valuable skills for going into the workforce.
The Equality Drone Training program has additional support from Varsha Kukreti Augustine, founder and CEO of AutoMicroUAS, an India-based UAV company. She said, “It has been a fantastic journey providing drone exposure to students with special needs since 2015. Creating an inclusive learning environment is crucial to ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to learn and explore their potential. By offering drone training to students with special needs, Integrated Drone Training Academy (IDTA) provides them with a unique and exciting learning experience and empowers them to become competent creators and contributors in the drone ecosystem. This inclusive approach helps break down barriers and promotes the idea that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can actively participate and excel in various fields. I am proud of how IDTA has shaped and continues to provide opportunities for students with special needs to explore their interests and talents in the world of drones.”
As the drone industry continues to grow, access to equitable and inclusive training programs is becoming increasingly important. Garuda Aerospace Equality Drone Training program is likely to be the first of many such programs to appear around the world.

“We are proud to be an enabler on their journey of self-reliance and financial independence. We have already welcomed 20 persons from Chennai and will soon begin rolling the program out across India with an aim to skill at least 10,000 persons by 2025.” said Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO at Garuda Aerospace.
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Walker Robinson is a 2022 Graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara with a passion for renewable energy and emerging technologies. An early career professional experienced in both sales and development of residential and utility-scale renewable energy systems, he is delighted to be part of the drone industry.
Miriam McNabb is the Editor-in-Chief of DRONELIFE and CEO of JobForDrones, a professional drone services marketplace, and a fascinated observer of the emerging drone industry and the regulatory environment for drones. Miriam has penned over 3,000 articles focused on the commercial drone space and is an international speaker and recognized figure in the industry.  Miriam has a degree from the University of Chicago and over 20 years of experience in high tech sales and marketing for new technologies.For drone industry consulting or writing, Email Miriam.
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