Israeli Companies Integrate UTM and Counter Drone Technologies

Two Israeli Companies Partner to Integrate UTM and Counter Drone Technologies
by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb
Tel Aviv-based High Lander recently announced a partnership with fellow Israeli company Sentrycs to add soft-kill capabilities to High Lander’s existing drone fleet management and uncrewed traffic control software, allowing authorities increased control over the U-space under management. Vega UTM, High Lander’s drone-agnostic automated software solution that monitors all airspace activity over varying areas, now includes Sentrycs’ technology, which can extract user-level identification from targeted drones and can neutralize unapproved intruders, taking over their controls and landing them safely. Because neither solution requires line-of-sight, the new package is well-suited for use in dense, urban environments, where airspace management is only going to become more important as UAVs begin to take off commercially. The new package can identify and manage multiple flight paths, monitor airspace activity in real time, approve and create alternative flight plans as needed, and now, can handle unauthorized operators safely and effectively, bringing the UAVs down safely and locating their pilot.

“We are very excited by this partnership. These are two solutions that complement each other perfectly,” said Alon Abelson, CEO and co-founder of High Lander. “Vega UTM sets a global standard for consolidated airspace awareness and Sentrycs’ impressive counter-drone technology empowers authorities to directly enforce U-space management decisions. Working together, these solutions create a powerful package capable of combating noncompliant airspace activities, while enabling a drone-based economy that operates in harmony with crewed aviation.”
 “Sentrycs’ mission is to provide authorities with a safe method of neutralizing the risks posed by unauthorized drone operators, and as such, collaborations with UTM providers are central to our roadmap,” said Yoav Zaltzman, CEO of Sentrycs. “Combining our state-of-the-art counter-drone technology with High Lander’s leading traffic management solution, enables us to contribute towards a safer airspace for drone operators, and anyone they encounter. This partnership will also have a significant effect on drone adoption and a positive drone economy worldwide, by empowering regulatory authorities to effectively coordinate aerial activity in all its forms, in urban areas, and at any range.”
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Ian McNabb is a staff writer based in Boston, MA. His interests include geopolitics, emerging technologies, environmental sustainability, and Boston College sports.
Miriam McNabb is the Editor-in-Chief of DRONELIFE and CEO of JobForDrones, a professional drone services marketplace, and a fascinated observer of the emerging drone industry and the regulatory environment for drones. Miriam has penned over 3,000 articles focused on the commercial drone space and is an international speaker and recognized figure in the industry.  Miriam has a degree from the University of Chicago and over 20 years of experience in high tech sales and marketing for new technologies.For drone industry consulting or writing, Email Miriam.
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