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TEKEVER Strengthens European Presence with €3.2M Contract and New Space Hub in France
TEKEVER, a prominent European unmanned aerial systems (UAS) leader, has secured a contract valued at up to €3.2 million to provide satellite communications technology for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) upcoming Comet Interceptor mission. Simultaneously, TEKEVER is expanding its European footprint with the inauguration of a new facility in Toulouse, France, dedicated to advancing the company’s capabilities in satellite communications and space technology.
The contract entails the provision of TEKEVER’s advanced Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) technology, GAMALINK, to OHB Italy. GAMALINK will facilitate communication and data transfer between satellites and ground stations involved in the Comet Interceptor mission, scheduled for launch in 2028. The mission aims to observe a long-period comet approaching the Sun for the first time, contributing valuable insights into the origins of our Solar System and the universe.

The newly established space hub in Toulouse, recognized as the European space sector’s capital, will play a pivotal role in developing advanced space technologies and products like GAMALINK. Additionally, the hub will focus on supporting space-based Earth observation, including GAMASAR, TEKEVER’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for small satellites. Headed by TEKEVER Space Director Nadia Maaref, a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry, the Toulouse team is poised to drive innovation in the sector.
Nadia Maaref, Director of TEKEVER Space, expressed enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to land yet another contract to support international space agencies. This consolidates our position as a trusted partner and leading provider of technology for critical space missions. With our new space hub in Toulouse, we look forward to collaborating with other aerospace companies and taking advantage of the world-class talent in the area to continue driving innovation in this sector.”
Ricardo Mendes, TEKEVER’s CEO, emphasized the company’s growing momentum, stating, “Today’s announcements reflect the momentum we are building at TEKEVER: we are expanding our footprint in Europe and growing our expertise in the space sector. Our new space hub in Toulouse places us at the heart of the European space sector and will enable us to capitalize on two growth areas for our business: developing critical and cutting-edge technology for space exploration, and further enhancing our ability to provide customers with aerial and space-based Earth observation.”

TEKEVER has a decade-long history in the space sector. Past achievements include a contract signed in 2022 to provide critical Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) technology for the European Space Agency’s HERA mission, focused on deflecting potentially hazardous asteroids. The inauguration of the Toulouse space hub follows TEKEVER’s expansion into the United Kingdom with the opening of its second site in West Wales in September 2023. This strategic expansion aligns with the company’s commitment to better serve its global customer base and attract top talent to contribute to advancements in technology, products, and services, ultimately impacting humanity positively.
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