Tele2, foodora drone delivery in Sweden

Tele2 and foodora’s Innovative Drone Delivery Service
Tele2, a key player in telecommunications, and foodora, a q-trade platform, have unveiled a new service for delivering food using drones connected through IoT and 5G technologies. A press release from Tele2 reveals this venture aims to use advanced technology to offer efficient food delivery directly to customers’ properties or gardens.
Named foodora Air, this service involves a fleet of electric drones utilizing 5G technology from Tele2 to deliver meals from various restaurants located on Värmdö, near Stockholm. The drones, developed by technology firm Aerit, are integrated with foodora’s technology platform, facilitating a streamlined delivery process supported.

Aerit’s unique milkcan shaped drone design has advantages for the project.  foodora Air is capable of delivering within a 12-kilometer range and carrying up to 4 kilograms.  The drone is designed to be quiet and to function under a wide variety of weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow.
Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President B2B at Tele2, discussed the initiative, noting it introduces a new approach to delivery services. He mentioned that this partnership with foodora illustrates how Tele2’s 5G connectivity could be applied to innovate delivery services, making them simpler and more sustainable, while enhancing customer experience.
The environmental impact of the drones is noted to be less than that of traditional delivery methods, with the drones having a significant range and low carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer.

Trampus also spoke on the potential benefits of this technology for rural areas, which have seen a decline in service and product accessibility due to urbanization trends.
Scheduled to start in May on Värmdö, there are plans to extend the service across Sweden to offer broader access to expedited delivery services, which have typically been exclusive to urban centers. Orders will be taken through the foodora app.
Daniel Gustafsson Raba, Director Operations at foodora, acknowledged the introduction of drone deliveries in Europe and highlighted the importance of ensuring access to quick delivery services across all regions.
Tele2 is tasked with providing ongoing connectivity for the drones through 5G IoT technology, essential for the drones’ operation, requiring rapid response times and substantial data transfer capabilities for safe delivery management.
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