Celestial Samsung Galaxy S24 Drone Show

A Celestial Symphony: Drones Illuminate Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Launch in Spectacular Fashion
Global drone light show pioneers, Celestial, showcased their expertise in advanced entertainment technology by orchestrating a mesmerizing drone display to mark the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 mobile phone. The event, held overlooking the River Thames, featured a breathtaking performance utilizing 552 drones to elevate the Samsung product launch into a new realm of creativity and innovation.
Celestial’s Samsung Galaxy S24 Drone Show

Collaborating with agencies Taylor Herring and St Mark’s Studios, Celestial successfully brought the creative concept to life, immersing the audience in a captivating experience that transcended the ordinary. The drone animations, inspired by the Galaxy theme, transformed the night sky into a celestial canvas, featuring enchanting objects from our solar system and beyond.

Celestial, aptly named for its connection to the Galaxy launch, played a pivotal role in the project, leveraging its extensive track record in delivering drone light shows for a myriad of global brands. Tony Martin, co-founder and CEO at Celestial, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “It’s exciting to work with Taylor Herring, St Mark’s Studios, and Samsung to showcase the pinnacle of mobile technology by using the pinnacle of advanced entertainment technologies – Celestial’s drones!”

The coordination between Celestial and Taylor Herring ensured the seamless realization of the creative vision. Liam Simpson, Head of Production at St Marks Studios, praised Celestial’s knowledge and expertise, highlighting their contribution in bringing Samsung’s new Galaxy AI technology to life in a spectacular way. Simpson remarked, “The knowledge and expertise of the Celestial team allowed us to deliver this project and bring Samsung’s new Galaxy AI technology to life in a spectacular way.”
Commenting on the collaboration, Tony Martin shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We look forward to audiences in London and beyond enjoying the spectacle and to the possibilities of future projects with such amazing clients.”
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