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USI and Drone Vidya Join Forces to Boost Drone Pilot Workforce in Asia
The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), a globally recognized leader in flight safety solutions for individuals, academia, and organizations focused on integrating and operating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for civil or commercial purposes, has partnered with Drone Vidya, a division of Skyller Solutions, to enhance workforce development in the rapidly growing Asian commercial drone market.
USI, with more than 300 instructors and over 15,000 certifications awarded worldwide, works with large commercial enterprises and nearly 500 schools across all 50 states. It is the global leader in commercial and academic UAS training and certification, delivering a highly regarded training program. USI offers Primary, Advanced, and Complex training and certification programs applicable to Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations. These programs are endorsed by major aviation insurance providers and implemented nationwide as a workforce pathway program, aligning skillsets to industry pay scales.

Skyller Solutions, based in Bangkok, Thailand, specializes in UAS and Robotics for various sectors. Its division, Drone Vidya, focuses on developing remote pilot safety excellence and preparing students for sustainable employment through AI-based service matching.
The partnership with USI will provide Drone Vidya with industry-recognized content, curriculum, and certifications, addressing the inconsistencies and voids related to commercial drone regulations and best practices in the Asian market.
Shane Archiquette, Co-founder of Drone Vidya, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, “Partnering with USI will allow us to offer true industry-recognized RPAS training and certification via Drone Vidya’s digital app platform – Mandala.”

Josh Olds, USI’s CEO and Founder, expressed pride in the partnership, adding, “USI is very proud to have been selected by Drone Vidya as their partner in RPAS training and certification.”
The digital-based Drone Vidya offering will be available in the local language and currency, with certifications requiring third-party validation of both knowledge and flight examinations. This approach ensures drone pilots are prepared to work safely, effectively, and efficiently, justifying the return on investment of the company’s drone program.
Skyller Solutions provides end-to-end asset inspection services at mega-scale with qualified professional pilots and inspectors using industrial drones and robotics. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence in their Asset Inspection Platform, they deliver high-quality inspection results faster and more accurately.
Drone Vidya offers a carefully curated experiential student-to-pilot digital journey that focuses on developing remote pilot safety excellence and enabling sustainable employment from AI-based service matching. It is the only Drone Academy in Thailand and Asia Pacific with International Standardized Curriculums and Industry Recognized Certifications.
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